The reboot is everything

For the last seven days, over the US Thanksgiving holiday, I’ve discovered that the reboot is everything. Much more in-depth explanation coming, but in general here’s what I did:

I went to a pow wow and got a delicious Navajo taco and even better Navajo tea. Also lots of presents

I was able to spend much needed time with my kids. I would not be the woman I am without those babies.

I spent Thanksgiving with my orphan family here in Austin. One thing I’ve heard over and over is how tired everyone is. We’re tired from everything going on around us. We need to take a break so we can be ready for what’s coming. Much, much more on this coming from me soon.

I went to Houston and spent time with my bestie. We met up with an old friend at a brewery, and had a great conversation – it’s always great when you hear reminders from people you admire and respect. Then we danced to the 80s and went holiday shopping and went to the water. Can’t really ask for more than that.

I drove home through Texas hill country in a black mustang, singing this to the cows I saw. I honestly wished I had a good song for the zebras – saw them coming and going.



Then I came home and cooked and now I’m getting ready for next week.

I have a lot I want to write about and share, but I needed a full reboot, from work and from everything in my head. We’re at a place where we can destroy the earth (literally), where we can encapsulate evil into algorithms that will impact our children’s children’s children, and where the change I’ve talked about previously in my industry is literally here at the doorstep. There’s lots to talk about.

But first a reboot. I hope y’all have had one too – we are going to need everyone on deck. Our industry cannot work without us. We are the means to production. Get you a reboot. Let’s get ready to change the narrative next year.


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