Blogtober happens every October. The goal is to write one blog post a day for the entire month of October. I’m already behind, I missed publishing a post yesterday. In my defense, it was a Monday – and my birthday. This morning I published a post on 24×7 IT Connection explaining¬†vMotion for vGPUs.

I’m so busy at work, but I want to participate successfully in Blogtober. Writing as a practice helps me get my head around big problems, connect ideas, and sometimes it just calms me down. I’m not sure yet *what* I’m going to write about.

Blogtober book reviews

I will probably do some book reviews. I’m currently reading Automating Inequality by Virginia Eubanks. It is about how many current big data applications were created to police the poor in our nation. So far the book has convinced me that we are just encapsulating systems that many of us have been working our entire lives to dismantle. But I’ll save that thought for later.

Blogtober music reviews

Another goal I have is to take in as much live music as possible this year. Blogtober gives me a chance to express my appreciation for music. Saturday I went to the Willie Nelson concert for Beto. I didn’t stay for Willie, but did get to see Tameca Jones, who killed it and sang Hot and Bothered (one of my favorite songs that she sings. I’ve wanted to see Leon Bridges for a while, and he did not disappoint. He’s a fantastic singer and performer. And Beto, wow what a speaker!

On Sunday, I went to La Pena to see Cowgirls con Guitarras, which featured Tish Hinojosa and Rosie Flores in a super intimate setting. They talked about their careers as musicians and took turns singing songs and playing their guitars.

I meant to go see Ephraim Owens’ band tonight – but I just ran out of steam. Hopefully he’ll be playing another day this month. They are pretty awesome.

I’ll be at ACL on Sunday, so I’ll definitely write a post on that.

Blogtober is for new ideas

I’m excited to discover what trends will emerge from setting aside dedicated time to write. But I’m excited to share it with y’all!

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