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Insiders, Outsiders, and Visitors – and what this means for community

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I’ve been managing the EMC Proven Professional Community and the outlying social media ecosystem we’ve created for the community for a little over six months now. Maybe in another post I’ll talk more about what we are calling the social … Continue reading

A community to support customers must be more than customer support

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I’ve been thinking about this post for a long time. I’m noticing that many businesses will set up a community for their customers, but the community never makes it any further than the customer support stage. My Verizon example I … Continue reading

Blogging my homework – my first movie!

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This semester I’m taking a course named Multi-Media Design and Development. Our first assignment is due tomorrow, we had to do design a lesson using a free, online animation tool. My lesson is on adding tags to community generated content. … Continue reading

Building a Learning Community – What we’re doing

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I just finished my class meeting, and saw this posted by @courosa: Pursuing the elusive metaphor of community in e-learning environments View more presentations from Richard Schwier. This presentation is about community and eLearning. It talks about non formal and … Continue reading

Wrapup: How people use blogging to learn

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I promised to write a summary of the responses I received to this post on blogging as reflective practice, so here it is (better late than never!). Not only did I write about blogging as a mechanism for learning on … Continue reading

Fun with Dick & Carey in the real world

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This semester I am taking a class called “Introduction to Instructional Design”. We are stepping through Dick, Carey & Carey’s textbook The Systematic Design of Instruction. The book examines the Dick and Carey model of instruction in detail. Here’s a … Continue reading

Networks – CCK08

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This week has been about networks in the CCK08 course. I haven’t posted or responded much to posts. My excuses: End of the quarter at work Group at school is non-technical, I’m practicing positive inter-dependence and helping them But I … Continue reading