Class Matters

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I saw Slumdog Millionaire on Christmas day. I really liked the movie. It’s about a guy from the slums in Mumbai that gets on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and he is one question away from winning and the cops come and beat the crap out of him because there is no way some poor kid from the slums would know the answers to all these questions.

The movie basically explains all the connections the kid has that enable him to know the answers.

I found out after I watched the movie that the same guy that directed Trainspotting (one of my favorite movies of all time)  directed this movie. I loved Trainspotting because when I saw it I had just started college. I had, for the first time, hope that I could actually do something with my life besides waiting tables, or marrying someone just to have enough security for my kids. I got from the movie this underlying them that materialism could numb you into a state where you wouldn’t be able to *live*, just to pay the bills and get by everyday.

I never thought about who the hell was Danny Boyle, the guy who directed the movie.  I hadn’t been through any of my Info Science classes for my degree that forced us to think about who had the authority to talk about things, who had the real scoop on how a culture was so they could speak authoritatively about that culture. (I hadn’t met my friend Susan yet either…). Because that matters, should Danny Boyle be talking about poverty?

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